Shirley Cress Dudley is the founder and Executive Director of The Blended and Step Family Resource Center, Internationally known author of the best selling book, Blended Family Advice and has also founded other businesses, SCD Consulting Services, Incredible Chick and Save the Shrink.

In 2006, the website was created by Shirley Cress Dudley. This site was renamed in 2009 and became The Blended and Step Family Resource Center. This center was founded with the goal of providing the most excellent resources to encourage, educate and empower blended and step families.

Shirley Cress Dudley is a licensed professional counselor, nationally certified counselor, and Fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives, with a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling, and a master’s degree in education. She has spent over 20 years counseling, coaching, leading workshops and speaking at conferences on marriage and family issues. Shirley is the director of The Blended and Step Family Resource Center.

After becoming a stepmom, she realized that regular counselors and coaches can not possibly understand how hard it is to blend a family unless they have experienced it themselves. She also noticed that there aren’t many good resources, online, and also several online coaches that are only educated with a certificate, and are giving
help and advice to families, and quite a lot of stepmoms that try to offer advice.  She realized there was a real need for professionals that were experienced in blended families to help meet the growing number of remarried couples. Due to these experiences, her primary focus became helping blended and step families. 

Shirley Cress Dudley is the internationally known author of Blended Family Advice along with other resources for step moms and step dads, and those who are engaged to be married into a stepfamily.  Her passion is to help people be the best they can be, and to keep marriages and families strong and successful.

In May of 2011, Logan Campbell and Sandra Staub joined The Blended and Step Family Resource Center.

Logan Campbell is a licensed professional counselor and licensed school counselor with a master’s degree in counseling and education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Since 2004, Logan has been counseling children, teenagers and adults in a variety of settings including school, private practice, hospital and residential treatment. Currently she works full time as a high school counselor with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

Logan has experienced firsthand the effects that divorce and remarriage can have on a family and understands how difficult this life change can be for parents and children. She is passionate about promoting positive change in people’s lives and equipping them with the tools to build and maintain strong marriages and blended families. She grew up in a blended family, traveling between mom and dad’s house, and rarely talks to a child at school that isn’t living in two homes, due to divorce. Logan is available for telephone coaching and also in-person coaching at The Blended and Step Family Resource Center located near South Park, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sandra Staub is a licensed professional counselor working in New Orleans, Louisiana. Before that, she worked as a counselor for eleven years in Houston, Texas.  Her clients are teens, adults and
families.Sandra works with couples and families to find both the solution and meaning to their struggles. She enjoys counseling and talking to folks from all walks of life.Through a remarkable set of events and circumstances, Sandra is now living in the city of her birth.  Her marriage created a blended family and has given her insight into some of the struggles that are inherently a part of a blended family.  Her fifteen years as a counselor continues to teach her how alike we all are; we all struggle; we are all human; we all make mistakes. Sandra chose counseling as her profession in order to give back, and because of those who walked with her in her own struggles. She sees it as a privilege to be “invited in” to your life and your struggles as you talk through whatever is on your heart. Sandra is available for telephone coaching.

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“If I have a blended family in need of coaching, I’ll send them to
you. ” Coach Dee Kite

“I appreciate the work you do with families!  Thanks for being the voice that is needed”
Mark Hundley, Speaker,
Author, Psychotherapist, Life Coach

“I wish I had an army of someone like you considering the kids I
work with and the families.  Keep it
up.”- Jeff Wolfsberg, Teen and
Family Expert, Speaker, Alcohol and Drug Educator

“I’ll use your book, Blended
Family Advice
, with my clients, it’s much needed.”- Kara Tamanini, Therapist and Author

“Shirley Cress Dudley is one of the most caring professionals
in the stepfamily arena I have had the privilege to speak with.”  Tricia Powe, Talk Show Host-Stepfamily
Straight Talk, founding director of StepFamily Straight Talk

“In Blended
Family Advice
, Shirley Cress Dudley lays out a step-by-step game plan
for managing a blended family. You will be inspired by the real life success
stories included and empowered to take action by the best practices outlined. I
would highly recommend parents of teens with blended families read this book
and more importantly, put it’s concepts to practice. Think of it as your
blended family owner’s manual.”  Josh Shipp, Author of The
Teen’s Guide to World Domination,
TV Host of Jump Shipp, and Founder of


Blended Family Advice is a
comprehensive guide to help you live in harmony with your blended
family. You’ll have an action plan
to bring your entire family together.” Sue Scheff, Author of Wit’s
and Google Bomb, Founder of
Parent’s Universal Resource Experts

  “An Excellent Book!  You can tell that Shirley Cress Dudley feels passionately about the
challenges faced by blended and step families.  She offers tested and
practical advice to blended families adjusting to their new situation.
Most of all, she offers hope based on her personal experience and track record
in successfully counseling countless families looking to make the best of their
new family. “
  Richard E. Barnes, attorney and author of Estate
Planning for Blended Families
: Providing
for Your Spouse & Children in a Second Marriage